Thursday, 18 November 2010

Royal wedding cant, hypocrisy, and the taxpayer

Wills and Kate are getting married and I wish them every happiness. I hope this Royal wedding will be a great show too, although they should have it just as they want it.

Of course there is the usual whining from commentators and journalists that the taxpayer should not have to pay for this, and the Royal Family should stump up a good deal of the cost.

Well, like it or lump it, but the Royal Family is a tremendous asset to the United Kingdom. Overseas media take a huge interest. The Royals are still worth a huge amount in terms of exports and attract millions of tourists from around the world, many of whom will come especially for the wedding. Manufacture of memorabilia is already in full swing, and William has made sure by use of her engagement ring that the Diana factor will feature heavily. Money is going to pour into our country from around the world. Yes, a lot of people are going to make serious money and yes, a lot of tax is going to be raised by the Exchequer and it will be a great deal more than the cost of running the wedding including all the policing and security. It is probably a much better money-raiser than the Olympics.

No money is going to be diverted from hospitals or welfare because the tax raised is going to be extra money. I am less a Royal fan than I was, but let us not get diverted by those who have an agenda other than their pretence of social conscience.

Let us enjoy the Royal wedding and the financial benefit the Exchequer, our clients and we will derive from it.