Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Budget 2010 - I am not going to say “me too”

One usually annual problem for tax practitioners is that we are expected to have instant knowledge of every bit of information announced in the Budget almost straight away. There was in fact very little of substance in the March Budget of 2010, which is not surprising given that we are having a General Election probably on 6th May, and what Chancellor would announce anything unpleasant and painful in such a situation?

There is no point in publishing here a commentary on the Budget announcements. The newspapers have covered what there was in depth, and for a more insightful examination of the Budget scraps I recommend AccountingWeb.

The real Budget will be from the post-election administration in May. It is going to hurt, whoever delivers it, but we will have more certainty that measures already announced will actually come in, and will know about those new ones as yet unannounced. That is all!

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