Monday, 15 July 2013

HMRC and credit where credit's due – eventually

I am very pleased to report that HMRC have allowed my longest standing claim under ESC A19 after five letters, eighteen months, and just before going to the Adjudicator. My previous report on the case was here and I do think it only right to thank Keith Gordon for his campaign and in particular his article in Taxation in October 2012 which provided more ammunition for the fight.

Of course it should not have been a fight. Not all cases have the same merit, but given that my client visited HMRC after her husband's death specifically to make sure that her pensions would be taxed at source correctly, it should have been a simple matter for HMRC to agree to the claim. Of course they did not, but let us be fair and say that they saw the light at last, and be grateful.

In some ways the pleasure I get from this win is more than a case I had a while back when HMRC backed off in an enquiry from unreasonably demanding £250K plus from a client I had just taken on. It is a great feeling to see off an injustice.

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